8 Must Have Accessories for iPhone Users

Hey! Everyone, so I recently named my iPhone ‘Titanic 1’, my iPad ‘Titanic 2’, and my Macbook ‘Titanic 3’. Someone asked why I came up with those names? And I replied “Because they are all syncing” (smirks)

As if you are very well aware of the reason why we're here, still not sure (please level up your brain game) it's about the must-have attachments for the iPhone to make it work flawlessly. And this article will provide you the exact number of items and the type of products you require. Now you guys might be thinking it's not that much of a necessity Or the classic reason to avoid this article would be why to waste that much amount of money. Like really you are an Apple user and that is enough to speak about the monetary terms one has. Adding the basic items for your iPhone will not only make it an easier job for you but will bring some amount of integrity and adaptability in the workspace.  Right now I feel that faith can move mountains, I hope it moved your wits too.

Moving on, let me introduce the 8 Must-Have Accessories For iPhone Users.

1. Wireless Charging Pad 

Well, first of all, you need an iPhone (after the iPhone8 and its further generation) or a phone case that's capable of wireless charging, and not everyone has one. Qi is the standard for almost all wireless chargers. Phones that support Qi technology are mainly newer. This product is a pure invention based on the theory of magnetic resonant coupling – the ability to transmit electricity through the air by creating a magnetic field between two circuits, a transmitter, and a receiver. In layman language, it lets your device charge over a minimal distance without hassling with the cables. One can easily feel that high tech nerve by just placing the device on the Wireless Charging Pad or maneuver near it in a smaller distance. In short, it is a fabulous change in the tech world.

2.Covers and Cases

Cases and covers are those underrated heroes that protect your phones from intentional or unintentional mishappenings. One never knows when and how you might be down on your luck. A survey was conducted for smartphone owners who have damaged their phones, 37 percent scratched the screen, 29 percent spilled a drink on it, 29 percent dropped it down the stairs and 20 percent dropped it in the toilet (ewwwwww!).


Therefore, point proven covers and cases do protect your phones.  It can also be a good idea to buy a couple of cases for different occasions. Getting a slim case for your 9-to-5 gig and a rugged case for your weekend hiking excursions, for example, could be the way to go. And helping advice: don't use your phone near the toilet or while using it.

3.Fast Charging Cable

Remember from the rise of SMS to anywhere, anytime Internet connectivity to mobile photography, cell phones have been the catalyst for cultural and technological changes over the past 41 years. And the expectations for battery backup is directly proportional to the charging cable. One thing we are aware of that batteries charges when a current passes through them. Greater current and higher voltages charge batteries faster, but there’s a limit to what they can take. Those limits are dependent on the quality of wire in a charging cable. The wires you’d find inside a regular USB cable are usually standard-sized 28 gauge wires while fast charging cables have bigger/thicker 24 gauge wires which allow for more current to be supplied to a battery of the same size. Therefore, fast charging cables with lightning speed are beneficial and are less time-consuming.

4.Power Banks

Power Banks are the burning issue in terms of rejuvenating the battery of the device. And they are the Robin to your Batman. Power banks are generally very easy to use and typically conform to some simple conventions, especially concerning the connectors. They gradually support our increase in the usage of phones.

Furthermore, you should know that not all chargers are the same in terms of the power they can supply. Some of them supply more power and thus can charge a device faster, while others are slower and they can add several hours to the charging time of your device. It’s important to avoid overcharging your power bank. This can be damaging to the battery in the long run. This is why after plugging it in, you should check the charge indicators from time to time. Some power banks, however, do come with overcharging protection so you don’t need to worry about it.

Apart from this are you aware that you guys are in benefit of using Wireless power banks as well? To emphasis this one the latest power banks have come closest to nailing both tasks, offering plenty of charging capacity while adding an adhesive surface that keeps a phone firmly in place while charging and a kickstand for propping the phone up for easy viewing. (Again this product is only in avail for the users of iPhone8 and its further generation).

5.Wireless Airpods

Many of you are aware of the Wireless earphones, but some of you still love to stick to those old sleazy earphones that are now more of the tangle game for some. Wireless itself states no wires which means no more handling of earphones like a necklace to which you are committed till death do apart.



Truly wireless earphones started picking up steam when Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from its iPhone 7 and launched the AirPods. Since then many smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and OnePlus have removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from a majority of their phones. And talking of the advantages you get while using wireless earphones is that You don’t need to put an effort to pick up your iPhone! Just connect on the call with just a touch OR help you make a style statement wherever you go! These head-turners look great.

6.Tempered Glass and Camera shield

Whenever you guys have bought your phone and in a brand new condition, I am sure that you have a doll it up and take care of it like a baby. And your baby has more than one needs to feel safe. One of them is tempered glass and a Camera shield. All it does is add an extra layer of protection over your regular phone screen. Especially, if you are accident-prone or clumsy, you need to cover up your phone screens right away using the screen guards.

Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the interior into tension. Such stresses cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards as plate glass does. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury. Being an iPhone user your next safety procedure would be to protect the camera lens. And you can feel how fragile the camera is. Damaging the camera is going to cost you a lot to replace. 

7.Back Tempered Glass

I know it is frustrating for some users to be extra sensitive and careful with their back covers. Many of you are saying or quoting “was it important to add back glass”. Well, your high tech geeks it is. The main purpose of making back glass cover by Apple was to allow more efficient signal transmission for NFC. It is also meant for making the iPhone more water-resistant. Additionally, it looks neat and classy. All of the new iPhone models have a glass back cover. Back cover breakage can prove fatal for your phone if the back cover has cracks, it loses its water resistance and water easily enters into the phone seeping through cracks. So, take the advice and make sure that your phones do have a back cover and if it is cracked get a new one. Protect your device's back glass just as a Faberge egg.


Were you aware that there are around 12 most common different types of sockets? And an entire industry of travel adapter manufacturers has sprung up to let frustrated vacationers charge their iPhones without a problem. You can use Apple 10W and 12W USB power adapters to charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, and other Apple accessories, like AirPods and Siri Remote. Just connect your device to the power adapter with the USB to Lightning cable, 30-pin to USB cable, or Apple Watch charger that came with your device.


 You should be aware that not all the adapters are equal or work the same. While getting a new adapter keep a check on the voltage coming out of the power socket. The reason behind this statement is that the high voltage can damage both the adapter and your phone likewise. adapters come in many shapes and sizes, from small and simple single-region adapters to larger "universal" versions that cover most countries on the planet.